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Discover our amazing North Shore public and private schools.
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Use the resources on this page to access school performance reports, explore top-rated schools, find local information, talk "school" with local parents, and much more. Check out the Interactive Illinois Report Card web site - the premier web site for test results and other school improvement information for Illinois schools! Locate public and private schools in any community, read parent reviews, access reports and more on the map below.
Schools on the North Shore
Education experts consistently tout Chicago's North Shore for some of the finest schools in the country. This guide provides you with an overview of the schools in each of the region's communities as well as the contact information you will need to get specific questions answered.

Questions about local schools?
Please feel free to call me at 847-425-3788, or use the contact form to send a private message. I look forward to hearing from you!
Susan Roche
Susan Roche
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2015 Five Star Real Estate Agent

For the FIFTH consecutive year Susan Roche has been recognized as a Chicago Five Star Professional Real Estate Agent - a select group of fewer than 7% of real estate agents in the Chicago area. Learn more
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