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Seize your moments.
Deliver the WOW factor every time with eBrochures.
Imagine...each of your listings has a beautifully organized, professional and effective marketing kit that you can send to anyone, anywhere in the world, in seconds. Home buyers can view unlimited photos and details, watch videos, open virtual tours, explore the community, send it to friends, and more. All without the distraction of instrusive, competing advertising. Best of all... these interactive marketing kits can be sent automatically everywhere your listings are syndicated - to a laser-targeted audience of potential new clients on, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo, etc. Can your print brochures do all this?
If you can fill out simple online forms you have all the skills you need to start creating your marketing masterpieces - you don't need to know any HTML. See what real PLS users have created:
Can your print brochures do all this?
every eBrochure can have all this:
Unlimited photos Upload as many photos as you want. Choose your main photo, and your "mini-slideshow" photos. Create your listing photo gallery with optional multiple albums, titles, descriptions and photo captions.
Embedded videos Play listing videos, community videos - even your bio video - right on your eBrochure. No need to send buyers to YouTube.
Virtual tours & web links Include links to a virtual tour, neighborhood hotspots, brokerage website listing page - it's up to you, and unlimited.
Printable documents Upload PDFs of things like floor plans, disclosures, custom brochures, etc. Visitors will be able to view, download, and/or print your documents as well as a pre-formatted property flyer.
Detailed property information Describe your listing is as much or as little detail as you want. General property description is unlimited in length and displayed in paragraph format. Include additional sections: room details, interior features, and exterior features.
Special highlights Draw attention to the stand-out features of your listing. This optional section can have unlimited entries with optional descriptive text for each.
Listing FAQs Answer frequently asked questions about your listing. We have a "library" of questions you can select to answer, or you can make up your own.
Community information Select the appropriate community from our library of pre-written guides and this page of your eBrochure is automatically populated with information and links. Also, add your own notes about your listing's location to the community page.
Open houses Advertise dates & times, with optional promotional text. Notices you add will appear and disappear according to your scheduling instructions.
"About Me" page Displays your "about me" text, links to your website, and your professional services.
Personal contact form Sends visitor requests/messages to the email address of your choice.
eBrochures are good for your business because:
Unlimited "reach" Your eBrochure can be viewed an unlimited number of times, by an unlimited number of buyers.
Laser-targeted audience Your eBrochure can be attached to your listing just like a virtual tour. Wherever your brokerage posts your listing - MLS,, Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo, etc. - your eBrochure goes with it.
Real-time updating Things change - price, photos, buyer incentives, open houses, seller whims. Use the online eBrochure editor to post those changes instantly (and without paying for re-prints).
Built-in sharing tools Share your listing on your favorite social networks and/or send it by email. Visitors can do the same - meaning you and your listing can enjoy the power of viral marketing with little to no effort from you.
Mobile-friendly version Formatted to work on iPhone, Android and Blackberry
Non-branded version for MLS Legal to use as your virtual tour on the MLS - all agent & company branding removed.
Visitor stats See the websites that send buyers to your eBrochure. Also, see the eBrochure pages buyers are paying attention to.
some things you won't get with eBrochures:
Printing & mailing fees eBrochures are online, so you'll never spend money printing them or mailing them.
eBrochures piling up in your trunk eBrochures are online, so you'll never end up with piles of them in the trunk of your car, stacked up on your desk, littering the tops of office filing cabinets, etc.
Costly proofreading mistakes If this hasn't happened to you yet, you're lucky. After entering all your listing's details and descriptions, you click the "Yes, I have proofed this" button. Your brochures arrive and THEN you see the mistake - which is going to cost you a re-print fee.
Outdated photos & info You get a new listing in March. On May 15 it's still on the market. Guess what your sellers want you to replace on those brochures. Who gets to pay for that?
Friday-night printing, collating & binding If you've been producing custom print brochures, you know the procedure: print more pages, get them in order, run them through the binder. With an eBrochure, you could use a single-page printed piece that directs buyers to your multimedia online presentation.