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Now that spring is finally, officially here, everyone starts thinking about ways to refresh and renew their homes. Even if you just do a few of these improvements, you'll feel fresher and lighter and have a renewed outlook - and isn't that what spring is all about?
springify your home
Some of the best ways to give your home a spring update...


  • Reface your driveway - a new coat of sealant will instantly step up your curb appeal

  • Repaint or restain your front door and garage doors--or, if you're ready for an update, replace them altogether.

  • Plant bright spring flowers in planters and around the bases of trees, or try a spring wreath on the front door

  • Have your windows and screens washed, inside and out, to let the spring sun shine in.

  • Have your gutters cleaned to avoid possible back-ups and flooding during spring showers

  • Paint - touch up, or repaint the entire house, or just do the shutters or window frames - it's guaranteed to give your home a whole new look

  • Wash your patio furniture - before you know it, you'll be grilling in the yard and ready to dine and entertain al fresco!


  • Clean out your air ducts and have your HVAC systems serviced

  • Shampoo your rugs and carpets, and any upholstered furniture that's in need

  • Clean out your garage! Sweep and powerwash the floors and get rid of any old toys and items that the kids have outgrown or haven't been used (or missed!) in a year.  

  • Again - paint! This is a relatively inexpensive way to freshen up or even change the entire look of a room. Try some fun new spring colors

  • Re-arrange your furniture to fight the boredom - consider employing some of the principles of "feng shui" to bring some harmony and balance into your home - which I am always looking for!

  • Replace your duvet and bedding to something lighter and crisper as we come out of hibernation--do the same with your towels

  • Put a new rug and fun umbrella holder by the front door to corral wet and muddy springtime accessories

Stephanie Hofman
Stephanie Hofman
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